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Company Profile

Budget Signs first opened its doors in the mid 1970’s and has offered service to a vast number of industries ranging from rides at the royal show to heavy industries such as mining ,building construction industries and small business. over the years we have gained large amounts of experience in all the fields of sign manufacture and advertising. Budget Signs was amongst the first sign shops in Perth to see the value of computerised sign making and has incorporated computer graphics into our every day manufacturing processes, this has been achieved in such a way as to add to our skills and is by no means the basis for our sign work . the computer is used as a tool to enhance and co exist along side the skills of the traditional sign craftsman.

Many of Budget Signs customers have been dealing with our company for as many ten to fifteen years,

with several having been associated with our company since it first opened its doors. when asked why they have continued with our company , all agree that our professional attitude, skill and willingness to work with and guide our customers to achieve their goals is not matched by other firms they have dealt with.

Budget Signs was founded by Robbie Henderson, a well respected member of the sign trade here in Western Australia for many year Robbie worked for several of Perth sign firms including Rich Signs and Hall and Myers Signs before venturing out into the business world for him self, where he rapidly gained respect and a  solid customer base.

Robbie over the years has employed a number of both permanent and casual staff and and was joined in the early eighties firstly by his oldest on Ian and then shortly after by his second son Bruce both of whom have completed apprenticeships in the sign trade. both are now skilled trades man with many years experience in both modern and traditional sign manufacturing skills.

Robbie choose to retire from the firm in 2000 after nearly 50 years in the sign trade, and Budget Signs was taken over by his son Bruce, who has continued to guide the firm using the skills and experience he has gained in the past 20 years. although Robbie has taken a well earned break his experience and helpful advice his never more than a phone call away.